White Mountains Trails Objective



The objective is to hike all the trails in the AMC White Mountain Guide. This journey began by hikers taking a map or set of maps of a given area and highlighting the trails with a red magic marker as the trails are completed. It can be accomplished any time of the year and in any order. Trails can be completed all at once or in segments. Any version of the AMC White Mountain Guide can be used although you are encouraged to use the most recent version.

There are approximately 1,420 miles of trails described in the AMC White Mountains Guide. Anyone completing this challenge will inevitably hike many, many more miles. The trails criss-cross in so many places it is impossible to hike them all without repeating some trails.

The White Mountains are so beautiful. Unfortunately, there are some areas of the Whites that are seldom visited because a certain trail does not lead to a peak that is on a list. One of the hopes of this website is to encourage hikers to give the most heavily used trails a bit of a break and use some of the trails that are lightly used. This is better for the trails and provides an uncrowded hiking experience.

Note: This website web page has changed its name to " White Mountain Trails".

Hikers doing this journey can use any term they like, on a personal basis, to describe it.

We have ordered new patches, decals, and certificates. Exactly like the originals. The only change is that the word "Trails" replaces the prior terminology.

New patches, decals, and certificates will be sent to new finishers of this journey when they become available.