White Mountains Red-Lining Finishers

For a list of Southern New Hampshire Red-line Finishers click here

No.NameDate CompletedLast Section of Trail CompletedGuide
1 Jon Burroughs June 23, 1991Entire Davis Path and Trinity Heights Connector25th Edition
2 David Govatski August 7, 1997North Slide of the Mt Tripyramid Trail25th Edition
3 Francis Muzzey Summer 1998Clark Brook Trail (section of the A.T.)23rd Edition
4 Larry Garland July 29, 2005Pemi Trail in Franconia Notch between Lafayette Campground and Profile Lake27th Edition
5 Tony Federer July 19, 2008Moat Mountain Trail over North Moat to Red Ridge Trail28th Edition
6 Jadwiga Rosenthal October 6, 2009Diamond Peaks Trail28th Edition
7 Steve Smith August 13, 2010Landing Camp Trail28th Edition
8 Pete C. Crane July 2, 2011Spur Trail to Spring near Mt. Cabot summit28th Edition
9 Jane Gibbons July 6, 2011Black Angel Trail from the junction with the Highwater Trail to the junction of the Carter-Moriah Trail28th Edition
10 Mike LaRoss July 23, 2011Signal Mt Trail near Errol24th Edition
11 John Gutowski August 1, 2011Crawford Cliff Spur28th Edition
12 Eric Rathbun September 25, 2011Snapper Trail28th Edition
13 Tom Renaud November 5, 2011Zeacliff Pond Spur28th Edition
14 Cath Goodwin July 3, 2012Artist Bluff / Bald Mtn loop 28th Edition
15 Dorothy Corey September 14, 2012Eagle Cascade Link Trail28th Edition
16 Darcy Hobgood September 22, 2012Cabin Cascades Trail28th Edition
17 Jeremy Clark December 9, 2012Elephant Head Spur Trail29th Edition
18 John Sobetzer July 21, 2013Around-the-Lake Trail29th Edition
2nd round - all trails September 26, 2015Grafton Loop Trail West29th Edition
3rd round - all trails June 24, 2019Bee Line Trail in Randolph, NH30th Edition
19 Michelle Kingsbury August 24, 2013Percy Loop Trail29th Edition
20 Keith Enman October 4, 2013Madison Gulf Trail29th Edition
20 Priscilla Floyd October 4, 2013Howker Ridge Trail29th Edition
22 Matthew Hickey October 13, 2013Mount Tecumseh Trail29th Edition
23 Becca Munroe July 26, 2014Coppermine Trail29th Edition
24 Sue Johnston November 29, 2014Southside Trail29th Edition
25 Zachary Porter July 16, 2015Presidential Rail Trail from Randolph East to Appalachia.29th Edition
26 Barbara Bloomberg July 31, 2015South Moosilauke Spur Trail 29th Edition
27 Jason Phelps August 17, 2015Boothman Spring Cutoff Spur Trail 29th Edition
28 J.R. Stockwell October 3, 2015Sawyer River Trail 29th Edition
29 Bill Robichaud Oct 23, 2015Webster Cliff Trail between Webster summit and Saco River Trail 29th Edition
2nd round - all trails Aug 21, 2020Desolation Trail 30th Edition
30 Amy Patenaude Gunn October 31, 2015Pasture Path to Mt Katherine 29th Edition
31 Steve Moore July 16, 2016Cascade Brook Trail 29th Edition
32 Allmuth Curly Perzel August 25, 2016Sosman Trail 29th Edition
33 Scott Loeber Oct 11, 20164.1 mile section of Rocky Branch Trail between shelters #1 & #2 29th Edition
34 Rudolph D Bourget Oct 15, 2016 Mahoosuc Trail from Hagen Rd to Centennial Trail junction 29th Edition
35 John McHugh Nov 10, 2016 Cobble Hill Trail 29th Edition
36 Philip Werner July 5, 2017 Six Husbands Trail 29th Edition
37 Mike Cherim August 25, 2017 Rainbow Trail 29th Edition
38 Daniel Saltmarsh Sep 2, 2017 Eagle Link Trail 29th Edition
39 Jim St. Cyr Sep 9, 2017 Great Gully Trail 29th Edition
40 Peter Bergh Sep 13, 2017 King Ravine & Subway Trails 28th Edition
41 Sandy Price Sep 25, 2017 Shoal Pond Trail 29th Edition
42 Beth Zimmer Oct 1, 2017 Thompson Falls Trail 29th Edition
43 James Vincent Nov 8, 2017 Watson Path 29th Edition
44 Whitney Silberblatt May 28, 2018 Sugarloaf Mt Trail. Nash Stream 29th Edition
45 Denise Carignan Jul 15, 2018 Iron Mountain Trail 29th Edition
46 Rosemary O'Brien Jul 29, 2018 Mt Eisenhower Trail 29th Edition
47 Bob Reynolds Aug 5, 2018 Great Brook Trail 29th Edition
48 Bill Cronin Aug 26, 2018 Mt Willard Trail 29th Edition
49 Ralph Lucas Sep 8, 2018 Eyebrow Trail, ME 29th Edition
50 Ashley Furness Sep 20, 2018 Castle Ravine Trail 29th Edition
51 Marion Morgan Oct 10, 2018 Teedie Trail 29th Edition
52 Laura Maroon Aug 9, 2019 Upper Bruin Trail 30th Edition
52 Brent Summers Aug 9, 2019 Upper Bruin Trail 30th Edition
54 Ted Wisniewski Oct 26, 2019 Lone Oak Trail 30th Edition
55 Rick Simmons Nov 23, 2019 Mt Resolution South Spur Trail 30th Edition
56 Ryman McLane July 7, 2020 Falls in the River Trail 30th Edition
57 Karl Ugger Holt Aug 9, 2020 Kodak Trail 30th Edition
58 Fred Wijnen-Riems Aug 23, 2020 Glenside Trail 30th Edition
59 Elizabeth Kane Aug 23, 2020 Beaver Brook Trail 30th Edition

Sel Hannah is reported to have Red-lined all the trails in the "then" NH White Mountain Guide in a single, one year, 3-season (non-winter) effort in the 1930's.

No "official" or written record exists.

This notation is made with the permission of Joan & Selden Hannah, Sel Hannah's daughter and son.