Bill Bowden/Joe Kuzneski Annual Memorial Scholarship

Award:  Full tuition refund for one individual to an AMC Mountain Leadership School workshop and course.   Or, a SOLO First Aid workshop and course. Participant then becomes an "outdoor activity" leader for "any" organization that sponsors outdoor recreation ( e.g. AMC, Boy & Girl Scouts, 4H, Boy's & Girls's Clubs, Meetup groups, university outdoor clubs, etc. etc. ). Refund made retroactively after completion of the above criteria.      
Rules:   Award will be made to a prior year completer of the "Grid" hiking journey.  Or, a prior year completer of the "Red-lining" of all the trails in the AMC NH White Mountain Trail Guide. 

If more than one applicant, name will be drawn from the group of applicants.

If no applicant for a given year, the award will be held over, and two awards, etc., will be made the following year.      

Application:  Send to Ed Hawkins at below address after completion of the "Grid" or "Red-lining" Journeys.   Include your intentions to attend an AMC Mountain Leadership School or a SOLO First Aid school.  Your name will be drawn the following year.                                  

Ed Hawkins
196 Old Chester Turnpike
Chester, NH 03036

Note:  The scholarships will be awarded annually beginning in 2017.            

Finishers of the "Grid" or "Red-lining" in 2016 are eligible for the drawing.

All applications to be submitted by March 15, of the year following the completion of your "Grid"
or "Red-lining" Journey.  Notification to the winning applicant to be made shortly thereafter.